Finland's National Roma Policy 2023–2030

The primary objective of Finland’s National Roma Policy 2018-2022 was to support the inclusion of the Roma and the realisation of their linguistic, cultural and social rights. In line with the EU Roma strategic framework, the policy guidelines were reinforcing Roma people’s access to education and training, employment and equal treatment and access to services in housing, healthcare and social welfare, non-discrimination, gender equality and wellbeing, strengthening the Romani language and culture, communication and international Roma policy. This report assesses the implementation of the policy by means of two surveys, which monitor the local-level implementation in municipalities and at the national level. The municipalities which have drawn up a local programme are most committed. Inclusive process for planning the policy was its strength. However, there is room for improvement in harmonizing with other national programmes and the EU framework. Measures must be taken to develop a more systematic approach to the funding and coordination of the policy implementation and to take better account of the diversity and participation of the Roma population. It is also necessary to strengthen both the use of research data, particularly when monitoring the policy implementation, and the knowledge-based approach to future programmes.

Finland's National Roma Policy 2023–2030