Building a Roma Platform: from Policy to Practice

Building a national Roma Platform is a project financed by the European Union. The project was launched in autumn 2016. The project will be carried out together with regional Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs and local Roma population.

The aim of the project is to promote and monitor how well the National Policy on Roma (ROMPO) is known at local and regional levels, to create local and regional networks between Romani people, authorities and other stakeholders in order to implement ROMPO, and to spread information on good practices for local and regional implementation. The project will end in autumn 2017.

Project to strengthen networks promoting Romani affairs and to support regional implementation of ROMPO

The project will deal with the regional level by arranging various events. The first event was the first national meeting between the Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs in October 2016. The themes of the meeting in Jyväskylä were wellbeing, health and physical activity. The two-day event gathered approximately 80 participants to listen to presentations and to discuss. They were representatives from municipalities and organisations, experts in the field and members of Advisory Boards and local Romani workgroups. 

In spring 2017, the project organised three inclusive platform events in close cooperation with local Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs and local Roma. The themes for the events were planned on the basis of each region’s own situation in order to respond to the local Roma needs and interests. Every event used participatory leadership method provided by Monkey Business coaching company.  The method gave the participants opportunities to use their own skills, views and knowledge to contribute to discussion.         


Picture: Greetings from platform event in Kajaani. Picture: Hanne Seppälä.           

Consultation hearings for Roma women and men and gender mainstreaming in Roma policies -platform event

A public consultation on equality matters and a day for building networks was arranged in May as part of the project. During the first day, over 20 Roma women and men discussed gender equality matters in their everyday life. The second day gathered Roma NGOs, gender equality officials and gender equality NGOs to discuss common objectives and build cooperation. You can read more about the event in project newsletter that will be published on this website in July.    

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Further information

Report: The national meeting between the Advisory Boards on Romani Affairs in October 2016

The project newsletter: Building a National Roma Platform - news 1/2017

Proposal by the Working Group Preparing a National Policy on Roma (ROMPO) for Finland’s National Policy on Roma. Working group report (summary in English)

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